Lighting deters burglars

Over the festive period you can’t help but notice how bright our street and our homes are. Stunning displays that stand out but also have a secondary useful purpose, lighting deters burglars . It is a known fact that burglars do not like areas that are well lit. Many councils in cost cutting exercises are switching off street lights at midnight and it has been reported that in some areas crime has increased by as much as 40%.

Lighting also serves another purpose. Many of us have to walk up or down steps to access our properties, we then have to find our door lock and insert the key all in the dark. A well lit front can make it safer for us to negotiate steps and easier to find the lock on the door.

As we take down our Christmas lights this weekend take a step back and have a good look at the front of your home and ask yourself what can you do deter burglars and make it safer to approach your door from the road.

LED lighting has come a long away in recent years and is a very cost effective way of lighting the front of our homes. One simple way is to use an LED PIR floodlight. This will only illuminate when it detects movement

Available in black or white and in a range of power ratings from as low as 10W, these lights can be adjusted for light levels and for the amount of time on. Probably the only drawback is that animals such as foxes and cats can trigger the movement sensor but surely this is a small price to pay for the security benefits these lights provide.

For a more permanent lighting solution consider using LED floodlights with an adjustable plug in timer

Available in black or white and in a range of power ratings from as low as 10W these lights are ideal for when you want to control the time an area is illuminated. By using a plug in timer you can select the times in a 24 hour window as to when you want the light on.

All of these products are available from our website at But do remember electricity is dangerous. You should only install these products if you are competent. If you are unsure consult a qualified electrician.